Stock market


Stock market

«Aware of the importance that, in a private process, has the stock market, we provide specialized advice to our customers»

We have recognized ex ¬ PE ¬ CIA developing private and public offers, primary and secondary, public offers of acquisition, public offers of exchange and/or public offers of sale; As well as in the structuring of operations in the capital market in general.

We develop consultancy activities in general for all stakeholders involved in the capital market in operations such as derivative emissions, short-and long-term debt instruments, stocks and other fixed-income securities and variable, securitisation processes. In addition, we sponsor sanctioning administrative procedures in securities market matters.

In this sense, our experience also includes advising investment banks and intermediary agents, local and international, issuers, structurers, placers, Risk classifiers, as well as other market participants.

«...Our priority to meet the requirements of our clients in an efficient, effective and personalized way, providing legal services of the highest quality...»

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