Insurance, Recovery and Claims

Insurance, Recovery and Claims

«We ensure a defense aimed at meeting the objectives of each of our clients»

The area of Insurance, Recovery and Claims Law focuses its attention on the strong operational and economic impact that remains after the payment of a claim and / or the dissatisfaction of a consumer and / or user in front of a good or service provided that has not partially fulfilled or fulfilled the expectations of the latter, providing our clients with the fulfillment of the objectives that they draw for their internal goals and annual strategies.

To the extent that the applicable regulations usually lead to a judicial scope, our area seeks to optimize the time of the “conflict” in search of the internal professional requirement of each lawyer that conforms it to achieve extrajudicial solutions in the shortest possible time applicable to each case. or sinister

We propose advice on insurance, recovery and claims legislation against any State and / or private Entity, complying with the highest standards of quality and effectiveness.

«...Our priority to meet the requirements of our clients in an efficient, effective and personalized way, providing legal services of the highest quality...»