“Mitigate and minimize the risk to the company with good corporate practices and prevention models”

We offer more than 15 years of experience in compliance issues, advising in a practical way in the development of models of prevention with respect to issues of corruption, laundering of assets and financing of terrorism.

We have experienced experts in: (a) the identification of these risks with the adequacy of risk matrices for companies, (b) the development and implementation of the appropriate policies and procedures, from the Code of ethics, human resources and The whistleblower channel, up to the specific procedures necessary to minimize the risks, (c) the training necessary for the board of directors and the management and the personnel of an undertaking, either in the commercial sector or any subject liable to inform The SBS Financial Intelligence Unit, and (d) Applied compliance reviews and prevention models implemented to the various sectors of the market. Our experience comes from Peru, Canada, Chile, the United States, and neighboring countries with national banks and transnational corporations working in the region.

«...Our priority to meet the requirements of our clients in an efficient, effective and personalized way, providing legal services of the highest quality...»

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