Authorizations and licenses


Authorizations and licenses

«We guide our clients to obtain the licenses, permits and authorizations that they may need»

We offer our clients an area specializing in environment, safety and occupational health, which includes the processing of authorizations and permits, oriented to compliance with the regulations and commitments derived from the studies of Socio impact Environmental.

This area includes the identification of the authorizations and elaboration of the technical dossier, being among its main activities the obtaining of certificates of mining operation, handling of explosives, water treatment plants (Industrial and domestic) , authorizations for construction and operation of infrastructure, easements, feasibility of energy and sanitation services, waste management, non-metallic quarrying, dredging activities and concessions of Rivera for operations of Construction and port facilities, among others.

«...Our priority to meet the requirements of our clients in an efficient, effective and personalized way, providing legal services of the highest quality...»

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