Ethics Committee

The ethics committee is the internal body of the study created with the purpose of enforcing this code of professional ethics. It is composed of a group of three (3) to five (5) members elected every two (2) years by the lawyers of the study, in meeting convened for such effects. The ethics committee has the following responsibilities:

  • Promote positively, but also monitor compliance with the code of ethics.
  • Attend and acquit any queries concerning decisions that may be immoral or illegal, or regarding compliance with the code of ethics.
  • To take care of any complaint that arrives to the study, through one of its members or by a client or third party, referring to the breach of the code of ethics, especially in matters involving the Commission of immoral or illegal acts. Refer the respective recommendations on the case to the study partners. Any agreement, report, recommendation or act carried out by the Ethics committee must be approved by all its members, to the extent that they are referred to immoral or illegal acts. Other matters may be decided by a simple majority.

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