Conclusions and recommendations

This code of professional ethics applies to all members of the study, regardless of their position or function. In this sense, we promote your application in our daily activity. If any member of the study has a question about the application or interpretation of the code, he or she must go to a duly qualified partner for his or her solution or refer the Ethics committee.
It is to hoped, therefore, that the members of the study comply with the provisions of this document, noting that their non-compliance, especially in matters involving immoral or illegal acts, may entail the fair separation of the offender, in accordance with Peruvian labor laws.
Finally, the study undertakes not to discriminate against or punish anyone who denounces the commission of immoral or illegal acts within the firm, which may appeal for these purposes to the ethics Committee, to each team leader, to one of the study partners or to the Administrator. Whoever receives the complaint, in turn, is obliged to transmit it to the ethics committee.

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